Introduction Blog Post

This is the post excerpt.

Hi Everyone! My name is Bri. Most people say to pick your niche when it comes to writing blogs. However, I like to change things up, because lets be honest, being normal is boring. My blog will consists of many things; mama hacks, fashion, beauty tips, photography, fitness, food, inspiration, some informative information and some not so much. I just want to share my passions with you, and I want to keep things interesting! Like salad, you can add all kinds of things, so everyday there will be something new…. What’s in the salad?

mamaasaladd ❀

Trying to be healthier?Β 

Eating healthy can be one of the hardest things to do. Sweets…chips…soda… ahh all the goodness! 

Where do you start when you’re trying to be healthy? For me personally, I can’t cut everything out cold turkey. I’m a junk food fanatic, I’ll admit it. I think cutting things out in a short period of time is the better way to go, that way you’re not depriving yourself. Usually when you do that, it ends up with a binge anyway. Let’s be smart about this.

The first thing I did was cut out soda. Man, oh man! This was hard. It took two full weeks to fully stop drinking soda. Then I stopped craving it. I actually started craving ice cold water. Water started tasting like it came from God’s personal pond to me! 

There are random times where I do crave something carbonated. I was grocery shopping one day and came across sparkling ice drinks. No calories, no carbs, no sugar. So, I tried it. It is the greatest thing to ever be created (okay I’m being dramatic). But seriously, it’s all the goodness without all the bad! Ditch the sodaβ€”the calories, the sugar, the carbs..and go try those Ice drinks! Personally my favorite is Cherry Limeade! πŸ’ 

A delicious simple recipe

I love to cook! It is a passion of mine. However, I like to spend less time in the kitchen now that I am a mom. I’m going to give you guys a simple recipe that you and your family will love! πŸ˜‹ β€” Chicken stuffed potatoes πŸ₯” 

Ingredients: Chicken, potato, 1 big can of cream of chicken, & ranch seasoning packet. 

I cook my chicken in the crockpot for three hours. I cook the chicken in the cream of chicken and ranch seasoning. When the chicken is ready I stick the potatoes in the oven to cook (I oil the outside first). While the potato is cooking, shred the chicken. Once the potato is done, cut it open, butter the inside and stuff it with chicken. I like to add extra “gravy” afterwards. Btw, the gravy is the cream of chicken and ranch seasoning mixed. 

Enjoy with any sides of your choice! I chose deviled eggs, and fruit salad! 😏