ZzZzZz 😴

Soooo, it is 2:30am and my son was ALMOST asleep. Knowing that sleep was so close in my future excited me beyond words! This mama is t.i.r.e.d. Did you hear me? I’M TIRED! I want to catch some zZzZ’s… a lot of them!! I look over in his crib because I thought he was asleep, and I wanted to make sure before I headed to bed. His eyelids were almost closed and then he saw me and he got very wide eyed. I ducked down but…. it was too late. I reset the kid! His battery was full again. He was fully awake and ready to partayyy!

I guess I won’t be catching very many zZzZ’s tonight, today, this morning, whatever you wanna consider it. I don’t even know what today is.. goo goo gaa gaa, did I mention I’m tired? 😴 💤

^ Basically. 


Author: mamaasaladd

Wife. Mama. Fashion. Foodie. Photography. Fitness.. fitness whole pizza in my mouth. Nap enthusiast. Disney lover. Cosmetologist.

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