Fake Bake Flawless

I’m all for people feeling beautiful about themselves. I know many people feel better about themselves when they have a tan, at least I know I do! 

However, I’m not a promoter of the sun or tanning beds when it comes to getting that tan you want. My stepmother has had skin cancer twice due to excessive tanning. 

And who really has the money for a spray tan once a week or so? That can get so expensive! My stepmom used to work at a salon and she would give me spray tans for a cheap price. However, I found something that works amazing— Fake Bake Flawless! Not like the spray tan cans you buy from Walmart and it leaves you looking like an orange! It honestly gives you this amazing bronze tan. I buy mine from amazon because that is where I have found it cheapest. 

If you have a spray tan gun, great! If not, it does come with a mit. You just spray yourself and dab the mit over it. You can do as many coats as you’d like! I buy a 6 oz. bottle ($12.95) and it usually last me about 6 months. Although, I don’t use it every day. Nor do I coat my whole body every time I use it. Sometimes I just do a little on my face to have a bronze glow look. Obviously it would last you less time if you use it more often. Feel beautiful about yourself, but don’t risk your health while doing so! ♥️



Author: mamaasaladd

Wife. Mama. Fashion. Foodie. Photography. Fitness.. fitness whole pizza in my mouth. Nap enthusiast. Disney lover. Cosmetologist.

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